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Titan Scrubber

Titan Scrubber

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Now I must say I had to add this product to our store. After moving into a new home I had to give the whole place a good scrub. I was told about this product so thought I would give it a go and I'm so glad I did.

With the large kitchen floor, wall tiles and two bathrooms with shower cubicles this tool made the horrible job 100% easier and for the flawless finish it left, it was effortless.

Simple add some cleaning solution to the problem area and with the quick attachment feature grab your desired size brush to any standard electric drill and you're all set to watch this amazing product simply cut through years of dirt and grime and leave it with that flawless finish that normal takes hours of strenuous effort to achieved. 

The Titan Scrubber Brush Set is actually an upgraded version of the product I purchased and we are so please to offer all the different variations for every home or professional cleaning job.

Made from a durable nylon fibres that can be used on all materials including ceramic, porcelain, metal, glass, plastic and any household surface.

From cleaning your kitchen or bath to valeting your car you can choose the kit that's right for you and make your life so much easier.

We have grouped together some great kits for you to choose from and added great discounts in our sales event.

Drill not included

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